Build your Capsule Wardrobe with us

Gone are the days where our closets were overflowing with past season items. Baby you are a classic, and so should your closet be. We’re flipping our entire closet and we want to challenge you to do it too. Select 30 – 40 timeless pieces (per season) you love, and donate/sell the rest away. But it’s not that simple, hear us out!

Grace’s closet before and after (click here to watch her closet transformation).

1. To save money 

2. Saves time as it’s easier to put together outfits

3. Encourages creativity with what you already have 

3. To find out what you actually need to invest in and the items you no longer need – quality > quantity 

4. Helps with discovering your personal style

5. More environmentally friendly

Building a Capsule Closet will sculpt your lifestyle. Really, who doesn’t want to save both money and time?! Say goodbye to impulsive purchases, money swallowing trends, and items you’ll only wear once or twice. Building a capsule wardrobe will help define your personal style and make you spend less time wondering what the heck to wear in mornings.

  1. To start off pick a base color – either black or navy 
    • We picked black because that’s what we have more of in our closet and it goes a lot easier with everything else 
  2. What are your neutral color coordinating essentials? 
    • Your solid neutral colored tops, dresses and pants. COLORS: black, white, ivory, gray, beige, blue, brown
    • When you’re picking these ask yourself “can one item from my capsule wardrobe go with atleast 3 items in there 
  3. What are your accent colors (1-3)? (optional – if you dont like color you can skip it) 
    •  Pick it based off of your base color 
  4. Add patterns and layers 
    • Patterns: polka dot, stripes, florals (perfect this year as its very on trend) 
  5. Layers: jackets, blazers, coats, leather jackets, trench coat, teddy coat, vest, fur jackets   
  6. Choose your shoes and accessories that match your lifestyle and base colour

Disclaimer: a perfect capsule does not exist. Don’t punish yourself with strict numbers and colours, as our closet won’t look anywhere close to what we wrote above with a single shot. But it’s an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and just, try.

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