Hello! Paniz talking here! Everyone is obsessed with spring/summer fashion but for me, fall/winter wins my heart. Though I’m a spring baby, I’m inspired by the leaves changing colours and the smell of rain especially here in RAIN-couver. Oh and did I mention? Pumpkin flavoured anything is my thing. Anyways! If you follow us on Instagram, you probably noticed all our fun collections of jackets and coats. In a city of cold, it’s the outerwears that will make all the difference in your mood and get you up and running for grocery runs, walks with your fur babies, and just the little things in life. 

Lucky for you, of course I’m here to make your life easier; so here are my TOP PICKS for outerwears. This is it. This is all you’ll ever need in your Fall/Winter wardrobe. You don’t have to break the bank to have a fabulous wardrobe, you just need to find those hidden gems.

Long Wool-blend Coat - Cream - Ladies | H&M CA
H&M Long Wool Blend Coat ($109.00 CAD)
WALDORF COAT - Wool wrap coat with faux fur trim
Aritzia Waldorf Coat ($398.00 CAD)


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