Top 5 Easy Vegan recipes

It’s easy to be lost in today’s storm of “healthy recipe ideas,” so my advice is if you find the one stick to it; It’s like finding your perfect therapist. Mine is of course The Pure Life, Sisley’s recipes. Developed by a local Vancouver holistic nutritionist who helps design my plate, my digestion, my self-love and also mindful living. 

 “I love supporting plant-based products and companies who truly love good, natural foods! I love creating easy, delicious recipes that fit both of our values.”

Easy and aesthetically pleasing (perfect for the gram) vegan recipes that help you glow from within! Hey, hey, don’t run away yet. We aren’t talking salad here. We are talking guilt-free, totally fulfilling, amazeballs dishes. Vegan or Not vegan, doesn’t matter. Don’t label it, just try it.


Mouth watering yet guilt-free mac n’ cheese. Yes, such a thing exists. Creamy, flavorful sauce with nutritional benefits will make you drool. It may be hard to follow at the start but once you get the hang of it… it’s a no brainer. 

Pro-tip: cutting carbs? No problem. Take the pasta out, add cauliflower and kale. Ta-da!


For my persian followers, you all live and breathe Salad Olivieh (salad with chicken and dairy). I was the same, it’s my childhood. But now that I’m plant based, I just had to find an alternative and thank goodness for chickpeas. I’m not joking you guys, this satisfies all my nostalgic cravings for Salad Olivieh. Super easy to follow. I usually make a huge batch at once and meal-prep for the following days. Salad, tacos, sandwiches… you put that chickpea salad EVERYWHERE. My favorite way is in a sandwich. 


I’m chocolate crazy, are you?! Sugar craving is sometimes a real pain in the butt and this smoothie lets me live my best life. The zucchini part is intimidating, I know. But trust, don’t hesitate to throw this filled-with-fibre goodness into the blender. It actually adds no taste and you’ll get your greens. Serve it as a smoothie bowl or as a smoothie. It’s just the perfect light breakfast or even a midday snack.


Fifteen minutes is all you need for this delicious dish, FIFTEEN. This is the perfect meal for the gals on the go or simply anyone who loves a quick and delicious lunch, dinner and honestly it would even pass for breakfast haha! Filled with so much goodness from the coconut milk to the kale (adds the most perfect texture). Brace yourselves, the noodles are CHEWY. Oh and double the batch, cuz it’s that addicting.


Why go buy a cake when you can make the most luscious cake at home? And guess what, you can sleep tight knowing all the ingredients are clean. Yup, I’m that girl that reads every single ingredient… harsh but gotta treat my body right! Hence, Sisley’s recipe. The cherry on top is the frosting made with cashews… just unbelievable!

I hope these recipes inspired you to get funky in the kitchen! Clean eating doesn’t come in a day. Be kind to yourself, treat yourself once in a while, keep your inspiring mentors close and continue to explore fun recipes! Healthy living is a lifetime journey, don’t rush it.



  1. Sisley
    May 10, 2020 / 8:21 pm

    Thanks so much for the support and love! What an epic roundup – you are a beautiful writer 🙂

    • girls
      July 22, 2020 / 1:01 am

      Thank YOU for always inspiring us to live better 💕

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