GISOU! Is it worth your money?

Gisou and I have been close friends for a few years now and here’s my honest review ♡

You’ve seen the jar on instagram. Pink, gold, and perfect for the gram; jar so pretty you’d still keep the finished one. And of course you heard about the founder, Negin Mirsalehi. Known for her big, bouncy curls… I mean does she ever have a bad hair day? We all wonder. Negin swears her hair secret originates from her family history of beekeeping. She says “best nourishment for my hair comes straight from the [bee garden]”. Did you know her mom created the Gisou hair oil to rebuild and repair the hair from the core? So as every girl would, I went ahead and ordered the beautiful jar myself. Cause who wouldn’t want hair like Negin’s?

My hair mask, heat protecting spray, and hair oils.

Let’s start by saying GISOU is more than just a pretty bottle. It’s been three years I’ve been using Gisou hair products; from the honey infused hair oil, hair perfume, hair mask, heat protecting spray and texturizing spray. The polishing primer, shampoo and conditioner are still on my list of products to try out.

You all assume I have this beautiful luscious hair naturally. I’m honestly flattered but boy oh boy, the work it takes to make it seem that way! The truth is, I have an oily scalp, uncontrollably frizzy hair and dry ends. I’ve been bleaching my hair for 4 years now to maintain my highlights. So it’s safe to say my hair is NOT the healthiest. That’s why when it comes to hair protector, hair oil, hair anything… I invest. Take all my money *insert a gangster song please*

Honey Infused Hair Oil – this is the  first Gisou product Negin created and it’s my favorite. Yes, Gisou smells GOOD. It’s a scent that’ll give you a taste of Negin’s family bee garden somewhere in Europe. And I’m super into it. Now here’s the important part; it moisturizes and perfects its purpose, but at the same time it does NOT make your hair oily. How does that work? It’s a beautiful combo for sure. I always distance myself from hair oils that make my hair stick together – nobody wants the look of unwashed hair (I hope). Yes give me “glossy” hair, not “greasy” hair. Healthy hair is important but so is bouncy hair, you feel me? I apply it on my scalp too, what’s the harm? damp hair? Apply. Third day hair? Night time? Apply. Split ends? Apply. Apply, apply, apply. I’m already on my fourth bottle you guys. And I will continue to commit until I find a better bottle (if that’s even possible).

Honey Infused Hair Perfume – it’s a good combination with dry shampoo. But heads up, it’s not my absolute favourite. “Hair Perfume,” ironically enough, doesn’t nearly match up to the amazing smell of the Honey Infused Hair Oil. The smell is just too strong and not natural. Oops, did I get a bad bottle? Who knows. But this girl likes aesthetics and gotta keep it as a part of my collection. It’s not a repurchase for me.

Honey Infused Hair Mask – sorry Negin, I was a little disappointed; I wanted to love it so much! Again, a perfectly pretty bottle with “Gisou” on it, beautiful texture and consistency. But truth be told, I’m a true expert when it comes to Hair Masks as I tried all masks out there and this one sits at the bottom of the list. Keep in mind all hair types are different just like our skin. It’s a journey to find a product that works for you. Is your hair damaged? Is it dry? Is it curly? Does it need discipline? Maybe the Honey Infused Hair Mask is perfect for your hair, but it wasn’t for me. Sadly!

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Heat Protecting spray – nothing special. Yes, maybe it’s getting the job done but would I choose Gisou’s heat protecting spray over other heat protectors? I’m not sure.

Texturizing spray – LAST BUT NOT LEAST this is THE holy grail. I love this spray so much. Perfect for Summer days, the days you’re lazy for heat styling but in need of some texture. So here’s the hack: on your first day hair, spray it on your perfectly styled or fresh hair to make it seem “effortless.” Second or third hair day, spray to make the curls alive again. Oh it textures your hair in all the right ways. To my surprise, Gisou’s Texturizing Spray has become a staple in my hair routine. It’s not just an extra step for nothing, it’s an extra step for everything. It COMPLETES my hair look. 

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So there it is, my honest review of GISOU products. I hope this blog post was helpful for those of you who were debating whether to purchase or not. 

Now here’s the best part: watch me style my hair with Gisou hair products on our Instagram page.

See you all there ♡



  1. J
    April 20, 2020 / 5:49 am

    Can you please tell about your fav hair mask?

    • girls
      April 28, 2020 / 4:36 pm

      I love the Wella Professionals Brilliance hair mask 🙂

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