Vegan Wholefoods Favorites

In my natural habitat; sitting outside Wholefoods.

YOGGU yogurt (plant based made from coconuts with probiotics) – I get the Vanilla flavour and either have it as a fruit bowl or add it to my oatmeal in the morning. So delicious.

Fatso salted caramel – best combination with Organic Ambrosia apples.

New World Organic Coconut Peanut Butter is UNREAL with oatmeal! Literally tastes like dessert. *this isn’t from Wholefoods (I get mine from Spud) but I had to give it a shoutout*

NoochPoP! AKA the healthiest popcorn out there (instead of cheese they use nutritional yeast) it’s perfect with my favorite olives that are stuffed with almonds inside – to die for!

Creamy Sheese Original – one of the best vegan cream cheese out there! I spread it all over my bagel in the morning and it doesn’t disappoint. I also use it as a dip with walnuts… so yummy!

SPREAD EM! The best dip (with so many flavours) my favorites are the Cilantro Pesto (as a pasta sauce) and the Turmeric and Black pepper it’s the best combo with carrots, cucumbers, and crackers. 


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